Toyota 90915-30001 - фильтр масляный

Toyota 90915-30001 - фильтр масляный


  • Toyota Caldina, CT198V, CT190, CT196, CT198, CT190G, CT196V
  • Toyota Camry, CV30, CV20
  • Toyota Carina E, CT190L, CT190
  • Toyota Carina II, CT177, CT170
  • Toyota Carina, CT195, CT170G, CT176, CT190, CT170
  • Toyota Corolla II, NL40
  • Toyota Corolla, CE109V, CE97, CE96, CE95, CE104, CE100, CE97G, CE108, CE106, CE90, CE109, CE100G, CE106V, CE108G
  • Toyota Corona, CT170, CT141, CT190, CT176, CT177, CT195
  • Toyota Corsa, NL40
  • Toyota Deliboy, CXC10
  • Toyota Estima Emina, CXR20, CXR20G, CXR11G, CXR10G, CXR11, CXR10, CXR21G, CXR21
  • Toyota Estima Lucida, CXR11G, CXR11, CXR10G, CXR21G, CXR20, CXR20G, CXR21, CXR10
  • Toyota Lite Ace, CR29, CM40, CR27, CR38G, CR31, CR37, CM36, CM55, CM51, CM30, CR22, CR22G, CM61, CM65, CM40G, CR31G, CR30, CM36V, CR28, CM41, CM31V, CR36, CM35, CM30G, CR30G, CM52, CR27V, CR21G, CM50, CR38, CM41V, CR21, CM31, CR36V, CM60, CR29G
  • Toyota Master Ace Surf, CR37, CR21G, CR21, CR28, CR27, CR26, CR30G, CR28G, CR36, CR30, CR37G
  • Toyota Model-F, CR21
  • Toyota Sprinter, CE96, CE90, CE104, CE106, CE108, CE109, CE95, CE100, CE108G
  • Toyota Starlet, NP80, NP70
  • Toyota Tercel, NL40
  • Toyota Town Ace, CM51, CM30, CR38, CM55, CR28G, CR36, CR37G, CR29, CR27, CM60, CM41, CR36V, CM36, CR30G, CR21, CR21G, CR27V, CR37, CM50, CM52, CM31, CR31, CR22G, CR28, CM40, CR30, CR26, CR31G, CM35, CM65, CM61, CR22
  • Toyota Vista, CV30, CV20

Для двигателей

2C, 3CT, 2CT, 1C, 1N, 3CTE, 1NT


990 Р
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